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in their pool fixture the box getting off to a flyer in wellington from stain the mound pummeling his way over for a try i'll surely the minute i don't. didn't let that deter them too much going into the break ten six there are enough repeated work from the james. warren gatland man probably seize the initiative in the second half to be. touching down to get the sixty leads so that forget well the art world champions for nothing francois who guard yours license for a side second try on sixty five minutes to talk seventeen sixteen up. would finish off the hoops missed penalty minutes after the south africa win it by this did their. first really should why they are second favorites for the tournament before the battering italy by twenty six points wallabies flyhalf quade cooper starting things off with
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a ninety minute penalty ashley cooper then becoming one of four different a string players to cross the try line but made it sixteen to six center digby you on a another explosive effort to see thirty two six the final score possible could see table topping and country what are the no weights on saturday for the nice world cup champion and. the irish themselves taking care of the us eagles in between those games but only after a tough ninety eighty minutes in new plymouth told me boy running in two tries for arlington the one russia kick off her campaign on thursday against the us. are about brings us to the european basketball championships to russia continuing to do well just about everything right on the hardwood david plotz men beaten after seven games following victory over two thousand and five winners greece on saturday again close in the opening half as the stroppy greeks. much russia shot for shot four of
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the russians were off by eight to start the final quarter thanks mainly to some some perv shooting from timothy of most golf he three sixty seven how it will eventually end in the second run through prestigious clash must adore you who have not lost since their opener are up next for russia on. in formula one smashing vettel second straight driver side look here's all put immanence with six races to go the overall leader once again dominating the competition finishing almost ten seconds ahead of mcclaren rival jenson button in monza it was ferrari's fernando alonso who initially ruled into the lead but german vettel regained it on his number one position after that is red bull to meet mark webber while he was one of eight drivers to retire russian of italy petroff was another so it's purple on top again button seconds with a loan to take in the last there on the podium bettles lead in the standings now rises to a full one hundred twelve points over
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a well. let's say with her been in benefited from teammate you're very much the love vala slowing down under team orders to win the rally over st the finn taking his second win of the season with his compatriot relegated to second place overall the thirty one year old is now a fifteen point spine seven time defending champion sebastian will with three races to go the russian yevgeny no crawford quite a rough ride during a particularly challenging stretch of sea computer but this person who takes the wind despite ford team it's a perfect weekend of work where he won nine special stages that are sold bird coming home in third the lonely said drink. and finally the modern pentathlon world championship stuff kicked off in moscow ukraine's victoria tara should securing individual gold in the russian capital while team russia didn't finish the opening day empty hundred either. cos ref reports. four out of seven russian
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women qualified for the finals on the modern pentathlon world championship in moscow and judging from their opening performance it seems one of them might even get it placed on the podium you have the key a good chance to go must start of the second advance with the best result from an early fencing tournaments while her team partner you can say you know what asking i wasn't third in a swimming competition so both women relinquish their leading roles with the chief nicola dropping to fourth and her asking are all the way down to thirteenth. in the thirty events which is show jumping. and her horse made only one mistake and climbed up to third place going into the final phase which is running and shooting at that point she was the only russian left with a chance to claim the podium spots as her other teammates slipped away below thirty . the combined events which is
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a little similar so by half long where athletes are on a three thousand meter distance stop i should it's argus separated the cool headed from the rest though the russians result wasn't enough to win an individual medal the fourth place finish still earned it you have the key a great place on russia's olympic team. despite the fact that you the cute british become opposed to personal best results and fanciness women she still couldn't win the bronze this shows that we missed one tough one is very competitive now and to win a tournament and affleck must out to himself that certain mental will continue over the next few days with the men's women's and mixed and relays still to come as well as the men's and to digital final. koester of artsy moscow all right just before a koala q. on some football news and russia samuel eto has scored on his home debut for the score one one with the vulgar that is all your sport i'll see you in two hours time
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america marks a decade since the tragedy of nine eleven which united a nation brought about two of the bloodiest wars of the twenty first century. and afghanistan which was invaded by the us shortly after the atrocity of the relentless taliban has staged another deadly suicide bombing in the south he discovers most afghan civilians don't even know why their country was ever occupied by foreign troops. rusher in the sports world say goodbye to the country's top national ice hockey team white tiles in a plane crash that killed forty three people. in moscow calls on the international community not to take sides in syria's internal violence is present in various says
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negotiation is the only way to petes. with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly on t.v. good to have you with us this. it was a tragedy that claimed the lives of thousands in an instant and later brought two wars with an even more devastating death toll the united states is marking a decade since the nine eleven attacks terrorist crashed hijacked planes into the twin towers of the world trade center in new york and attention in washington a fourth plane came down in the state of pennsylvania remembrance ceremonies are being held at ground zero in new york and all across america it was the worst strike on u.s. soil in history and united a nation in its determination to seek out the perpetrators and prevent more pets but the american led invasion of afghanistan that followed nine eleven has claimed
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thousands more lives in what's now the longest conflict in u.s. history. there's off is going to come reports the killing hasn't stopped there. range on when it started as a war on terror spawned by the deadliest here is the talk in history you know whether she would be enemy that's that's clear but the circle of america's enemies grew quickly and included nations that had nothing to do with nine eleven years they were defined by george bush as the axis of evil some of these regimes have been pretty quiet since september eleventh but we know their true nature north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. but starving us citizens. iran aggressively pursues these weapons and actually force terror while an unelected few repressed the iranian people's hopes for freedom. in iraq and change the planets are still in here toward america and to support terror two years
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after nine eleven the us invaded iraq on the grounds that he had weapons of mass destruction and was doing business with all kind of grounds which proved to be false hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians have died since the invasion they used the moment in in the wake of nine eleven to divert from afghanistan our real target should have been our real target and go to iraq it also was the low hanging fruit north korea was podmore dangerous but too difficult hundred thousand casualties predicted by the fall of. us soil would be destroyed iran was too difficult seventy million people not fractured like the iraqis and the sunni and shia christian and other as for the motives behind invading iraq some talk or oil iraq right now is sitting on probably two hundred billion barrels maybe three hundred billion barrels that's a rap song or reported leaky plans to be a thirteen million barrels per day production capacity in seven years that surpasses saudi arabia now you know why dick cheney went to war now the others
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blame america's self assigned rule as the world's policeman the driving idea behind it is that it had to moloch still a good idea is that the but world is going to be more secure place overall if there is a a unocal or world a sole remaining superpower much of what has happened post nine eleven in the name of responding to nine eleven has been a pretext as terrorism was no longer the only reason for landing on washington's enemy list the us had even more far reaching plans on the table former vice president dick cheney says he urged the bush administration to bomb syria. one time because of its alleged nuclear weapons program a move which experts say would have had disastrous effect on the region president obama was elected on hopes that he would end the endless wars overseas which most americans are opposed to but he continues and adds one more another which nation
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lead yet and this time in the name of removing an evil dictator. some worry syria could be next we have a an executive power that is beyond any chair by the people by the congress or by the courts for war we can go toward the drop of a record we've reached the point now where the present in the united states can kill people for state purposes and your she feels the need since nine eleven america's war on terror has lost many foreigners from pakistan to yemen and other countries the chase for a handful of terrorists has turned the lives of entire nations upside down we're talking about hundreds of thousands of innocent lives taken by the decade of constant war and many worry that a tragedy as great as nine eleven has served as a pretext for an even greater tragedy one that has no end in sight i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team well to talk more about the legacy of
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the nine eleven terror attacks i'm now joined live from london by author and journalist returned see thanks so much for being with us live here in our team action while the u.s. saw the nine eleven attacks as an act of war on its own soil so surely it was justified to lash out in the way that it did i mean what else would any other country have done in the same circumstances. well it was a mere tragedy but the definition of an act of war of course is a nation state it involves a nation state and it wasn't it wasn't pearl harbor although of course roosevelt at that time and if they did know that was going to happen this isn't an act of war with a criminal act led by someone who is from a family we're very close to the bush family and i think many people now see it as blowback for years and decades and arguably centuries of american power and i suppose it signals the very beginning of the end of american and what was the
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u.s. so completely unable to prevent this from happening you think. i think institutional structures even in a country as advanced as the poor soul superpower on earth were at fault for many people of the institutional and bureaucratic procedures didn't allow them to shoot down those planes before they hit the world trade center and so forth but perhaps a bigger malays here is that all systems seem to have failed the media the courts the police forces the intelligence agencies government it's as if this happens when empires start to fold these structures calcify and then arguably they were they can't stop asymmetric attacks anyway i mean it is it is difficult to attack to defend yourself against a terror group like which is small and all it takes they say is one of them to be
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successful. and that's what happened let's talk about the aftermath of the reaction obviously leading to the iraq conflict and indeed the afghanistan war well it may have been a long ten year war there in afghanistan it cost more lives than the us would ever have imagined but surely with afghanistan now on a path to mock democracy many would say this is the right thing to have happen if in other words the conflict in afghanistan has been justified hasn't it. i think the american intervention in afghanistan and the other superpower previously the soviet union has proved again and again very dangerous for the superpowers involved and we know that in the past few hours i think it's seventy seven at the moment the accounts of american soldiers in the past few hours that afghanistan is not an easy place for america to take over and i think you're more if one astronomical as i say his first responsibility is to the afghanistan people who say that and then to the wider region not to the united states so the idea that the
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united states can take a sucker for what's happened in afghanistan i don't think so and as true democracy building democracy building needs to be created from the ground up and one wouldn't want to go into egypt now because the transitional council was causing some problems from what was obviously a people's revolution against us back to crater so you don't think then lessons have been learned from afghanistan the u.s. of course has been involved in the military campaign in libya which is now seen gadhafi regime toppled i mean many would say this is a victory for nato or do you actually predict there will be a similar instability that we're seeing in afghanistan and indeed in iraq. i think that continued u.s. support for dictators for vile regimes means that it makes the same mistakes again and again so that in libya we now hear that it's backing. who is it backing
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it's over the backing some revolutionaries who want a genuine transformation of libyan governance but it's also backing people that some say. quite close to the ideas of some of bin laden and as we all know we americans were created from the mujahideen let's see whether the americans are yet again making the same mistake but on a larger scale economic problems social problems civic problems the response from the united states to nine eleven was catastrophic the wrong. someone love him i don't get what he wants but people all around the world are being affected so poorly for badly by u.s. policy we must remember that the us is also the anniversary of the american backed coup against chile in one hundred seventy three and lots of people in the global south still remember how their countries have been distorted and destroyed in so many ways by american brown just briefly if you talk about the way people have been
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affected by. by these events now of course the u.k. supported the u.s. in its fight against terror as they like to call it but europe doesn't many ways seem like it still a very dangerous place to be i mean you're there in london how is it do you think affecting our lives now in europe and indeed how can we now deal with this threat of terrorism in europe. of course we did suffer here the seven seven bombings few years after two thousand and one but doesn't really over reg's the threat of terrorism there is always a reason why terrorists act i think often enough it is to do with all sorts of insecurities that societies feel as to whether europe really is more dangerous i think i think we still have to wait and see but i think european governments certainly after the reaction by the u.s. government through a lens of nine eleven realize that they have to look elsewhere not just because of
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u.s. reaction but it took a huge toll on the american economy as well and i think many people are now looking to the new superpowers and it's a sad day some of the sad day for those who believe in the constitution the original constitution of united states of america one of the greatest ever and see how superpowers they rise and they form it here we have to say actually very interesting to hear your thoughts on this action returns the author and journalist joining us live there in london. a suicide bombing in afghanistan has wounded more than seventy american soldiers and killed two civilians is being seen as the taliban's way of marking a decade since nine eleven the movement issued a statement about the sunday's attack denying it had anything to do with events in the u.s. ten years ago. nearly ten years after the u.s. led coalition invaded afghanistan it doesn't seem any closer to winning the war there with the taliban still relentless something we've just been discussing there with afghanistan see the conflicts estimated to cost over ten thousand afghan
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civilians their lives and they're often caught in the crossfire and as u.s. combat troops begin a gradual withdrawal from the country most locals don't even know why foreign forces came in the first place. helmand in southern afghanistan this province that was borne the brunt of the fighting between the taliban and coalition forces what afghans in this war province think about nine eleven and its consequences. well in patrol with the marines i get a first opportunity to ask a couple of young afghan men what they know about nine eleven but first we were going to. look here. with you for a few more and tell us do we know where it is even we don't know if that's because because you're a former neighborhood of. the world more so than. the two young men and clearly never heard of nine eleven. but maybe he'll visit a local shura would have more to say you know if you see. this ng i
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just can see the smoke from the buildings and. that's only thing i can see when you get your this picture. i think. if i just got here i would been surprised but having been here now for six months it's pretty much the stone ages where we are. what other reactions i thought fascinating so what the guy who said it was kabul was clearly never going to kabul he just shows you how isolated area in their own country you have become on them without one of them. you know you don't you know that america afghanistan come to this point and i'm here in the united states and you know how much. it was nice to go from iraq to that here is a lot easier to understand you know why you're here and really you have that picture you know it's good picture remind yourself because what you're going to see the afghans looking at in this critical wearing the uniform experience right. to back that. make and saying we're going to help you to discern one building and it
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is how many buildings and they say we're going to help you where is the have. you wake up with this thing to give to our kids going into fighting and they do it for their own kids in a paper that i don't indeed and. i do sympathize or understand what your some are saying it's even just from the weather we've had recently people losing their homes and nobody to help them so when you have when you can't feed yourself or earth house yourself are you going to care about somebody you have six thousand miles away just so i can understand i just filled it up i was about to finish with that i never thought to ask those questions of anybody here that's why we're here amazingly in a country where for ten years a war has been fought with nine eleven as its root cause and justification turns out not only with abilities of goodness to nine eleven percent with the afghan police and even some of the translators working with the u.s. military but you don't know this because it are not i have no idea what the syrians
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have never seen the faces before. a survey taken in twenty ten by the international council on security and development found that ninety two percent of afghan men intelligence and other afghan provinces had no idea what nine eleven was with american troops that start with going to see it it seems likely that they will leave it. instead of about the vast majority of afghans never having really understood why they came in first place i don't plots from afghanistan for. well for full coverage of the ten year anniversary of the nine eleven tragedy go to our web site is l a t dot com online all the time where we provide you with the latest updates interviews and video itself. the moments we bring you live pictures from the memorial ceremony which is taking place at ground zero in new york to commemorate the tenth anniversary of those attacks a citywide moment of silence is being followed by the reading of the names of victims of the tragedy and you can watch the certainly life on our website.
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dot com richard's. cancer was to excite the became synonymous of. the search for slaughter of almost street people strong. aversion overlooking. chinese all of. us to. look back at nine eleven our city. this week russia's sporting world was rocked to its core when one of its best hockey teams was all but wiped out in the blink of an eye they died on wednesday when the. plane crashed on takeoff saturday thousands gathered at the team's stadium to say final goodbyes to the victims and all to sean thomas witnessed a city in mourning. and waves of emotion for through jaroslav as residents realize the full weight of the tragedy the country or the lives of some of the
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city's brightest stars but in europe we've been friends with this team for many years our whole family including a little child that went to all the games for us is here admirable loss but it's like losing a family member. was that i knew one of the clears he was my neighbor and he was a great person he's got two little kids left who could this happen when we saw the news on t.v. i just burst into tears. just after four in the afternoon on wednesday the charter plane carrying almost the entire locomotive cage and all hockey team crashed shortly after takeoff drifting into a wall of flame after clipping a runway antenna forty three of the forty five on board perished to know what they're mostly said it's just we heard a plane takeoff so we told our granddaughter look there's going to be an airplane then i heard a bang and my diary told me mom it's falling down to the side then came the flames and the smoke and we wanted to run away but we didn't know where to run then we
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went to the river and saw the plane with us in the wake of a tragedy vladimir putin ordered an immediate and thorough investigation as president medvedev led our country in mourning and visiting the crash site and paying his respects. meanwhile fans of the three time championship winning euro slava locomotive team their voices heard in a show of solidarity and support. as you can see from the flowers and candles and mementos left here at the stadium the loss of. that was a huge blow to this community. due to be international nature of this team it was a larger loss of for russia and the rest of the world as well. my friends with the . way to go a couple years ago and of course one just just want to give my condolences. for the ceremonies to honor the players were held in minsk in bratislava of some reflections from those who knew the players well. i thought of all good natured
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told me he actually wants to quit hockey and he wants to play a little bit more and then leave and spend time with his family so this last conversation came back to my head when i heard about the crash i don't want to only him at least by lighting this candle not only him but everybody who died i would like to express my condolences to his family to his children and wife. saturday march of the end of an official three day mourning period as thousands were into the stadium to view fourteen coffins on display and say their final goodbyes we did it we have buried our friends people who brought us joy and played for our country this is an irreplaceable loss for the people of the earth level and the three. years level shown thomas r t. twenty seven people are reported to have been killed by syrian security forces backed by troops in several towns across the country and this comes as the arab league announces reach an agreement with president bashar al
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assad on long promised reforms the plan outlines proposals to bring an end to the bloodshed release prisoners and hold elections within three years the u.s. and e.u. have imposed sanctions on syria in a calling for the u.n. security council to condemn violence in the country united nations says more than two thousand died in the uprising since mid march on authorities in damascus plain . rest. this. resurgent both sides start talking to avoid another libya style conflict also plans to send a fact finding mission to syria. we get first hand information on the areas hit by iran and the decision was announced after members of the syrian opposition visited the russian capital requesting international help speaking on the sidelines of an international policy forum in the russian city of dallas level present it have said he's concerned about events in syria but the situation is far from simplistic. probably the resolutions we would approve to send a strong message to the syrian regime should in fact be addressed to.


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